Nothing has changed and yet, everything exists differently.

COVID-19 has temporarily changed so many things about daily life. But in these unsettling times, we remain steadfast in our commitment to free you from worrying about your investment portfolio in agricultural sector, so you can focus on the things that really matter. Count on us to continue serving the needs and interests of clients throughout this crisis.


All great relationships are built on trust. When it comes to finding a partner to help you manage your investment portfolio in agricultural sector, the decision is as personal as it is financial. It’s about more than expertise and services. It’s an understanding that you’ll be treated like partner.

There are so many questions and concerns raised in times like these. Let us show you how our evidence-based agricultural management approach could help you achieve your financial goals despite in these unsettling times.

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Private Equity

Structuring and management of investment vehicles in agriculture industry sector.

The purpose of Belser is creating value for its investors by offering simple access to the agriculture industry sector , structuring and managing investment vehicles.

Belser can adapts yours vehicles and investment phases in agricultural industry sector at your owns needs in Spain, Portugal and United States.

Today Belser is a unique project:

  • Adjusted to any investment size.
  • A real investment programme adjusted to the specific features of the agriculture industry sector, rationalised over time.
  • With a top-level Management Team.

Managing your Agriculture Portfolio

We’re here to help coordinate all aspects of your agriculture portfolio so you can focus on what’s most important to you.

Agriculture Investment Management

Your Belser team, including seasoned investment specialists, offers comprehensive, customized solutions to help you preserve and grow this irreplaceable wealth.

Beltrán Agriculture Investment Fund

We have our own agriculture investment fund. We manage a range of specialty agricultural industry portfolio across Spain, Portugal and United States.

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With an experience of more than 30 years in the management of agricultural projects. Belser has developed extensive knowledge of the sector and refined a total alignment with the interests of each client, making it a prime partner for any project in the agriculture industry sector with a clear management target focusing on value creation:

  • Target: efficient management focusing on value creation.
  • Operational excellence.
  • Financial optimisation.
  • Administrative management.

Institutional Investor

Interpret the significance of today’s agricultural trends, cut through the noise, and develop a more accurate agricultural strategy.

Private Equity

Helping Private Equity better identify and understand valuable agricultural opportunities that may be contrary to impulsive markets behaviors.

Family Office

Make smarter business decisions for your investment agricultural strategy.

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Olive Oil Industry Services

The Olive Oil Industry Sector after COVID-19

If you want the PDF version in English, please, put in contact with us at: This report is free of charge. Available only for investors and business profiles of olive oil industry sector.


Doc. nº 1: Olive Oil Industry Sector in Europe after COVID-19.

Doc. nº 2: Olive Oil Industry Sector in the USA after COVID-19.

Profitability heavily depends on olive orchard practices. Best use of inputs and other resources is critical to maximize profit and project integration in the local environment.

Our olive orchards are professionally managed by experienced staff and use of new technological tools in data capture and interpretation of them (BigData).

Belser olive orchards are kept in the best condition, to maximize property values and ensure that our investment remains a high-value one.

Belser provides technical and management staff, on-the-job training and supports local teams for highest performance of all orchards divisions.