Your partner in agricultural wealth creation.

Belser has consolidated its position as an independent investment firm offering consultancy and management in the agricultural sector, with a multidisciplinary team jointly accruing more than 30 years of experience in over 10 countries, with more than $400 Million in advice on direct transactions and direct investment.

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Structuring and management of investment vehicles.

The purpose of Belser is creating value for its investors by offering simple access to the agricultural sector, structuring and managing investment vehicles.

By identifying opportunities available in different markets and countries, Belser adapts its vehicles and investment phases in agriculture to investor needs.

Today Belser is a unique project:

  • Adjusted to any investment size.
  • A real investment programme adjusted to the specific features of the agricultural sector, rationalised over time.
  • With a top-level Management Team.
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Asset Management

With an experience of more than 30 years in the management of agricultural assets. Belser has developed extensive knowledge of the sector and refined a total alignment with the interests of each client, making it a prime partner for any project in the agricultural sector with a clear management target focusing on value creation:

  • Target: efficient management focusing on value creation.
  • Operational excellence.
  • Financial optimisation.
  • Administrative management.
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Corporate Finance, M&A

Belser is a platform offering privileged access to the agricultural sector with a large capacity of identification of opportunities in a variety of markets and countries. The team combines technical, taxation and financial knowledge, with a high degree of flexibility and continuous adjustment to clients’ needs and expectations.

  • Integrated consultancy in sale-purchase of agricultural assets.
  • Valuation of agricultural assets, based on project finance structures, project bonds or full equity investment.
  • Consultancy for financial restructuring of assets in operation.
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Advisory Partners

Belser Advisory Partners benefits from a special position, as partner/adviser, and a unique profile combining initiative, independence, experience and investment capacity.

Belser Advisory Partners was founded with the aim of providing top-notch advisory and a access to agricultural projects and a talented team which enables it to generate value and build trust while providing unique and exclusive services to our clients.

As a company specializing in investment advising, Belser Advisory Partners provides services in a wide range of areas: