Comprometidos con la Calidad

El sector del olivar y aceite de oliva,  vive un momento de profesionalización, modernización y expansión, con el objetivo de sastifacer una mayor y creciente demanda global.

Belser es su socio para poder adaptar su estrategia a los nuevos retos en el sector del olivar y aceite de oliva.

Nuestras Capacidades

Le ayudarán a crear y desarrollar modelos corporativos y operativos innovadores.

Belser International Olive Oil Industry Services

The singularity of our management model, based on innovation and flexibility, and the achievements made, have made of Belser a solid International Corporation, making our work a tool with added value for the day to day of your olive oil projects. Generate the necessary trust so that we can become your partner, work jointly with you, manage knowledge and a long-term experience that are be able to offers us joint satisfactions. Loyalty and dedication, and above all, offer you inner tranquility.

Belser International Olive Oil Retail Services

We work as your trusted partner, delivering merchandising solutions of olive oil that drive sales and enhance the customer experience. With our global reach, we can staff every project, no matter the size. Our highly capabilities and integrated technology ensure speed, efficiency, and accuracy. We specialize in supplying private label olive oil products and merchandising solutions to major retailers, grocery stores, and food distributors.