Why Invest whit Belser?

Your partner in olive oil industry wealth creation.

Since its founding in 2014, Belser main objective has been to provide efficient access to olive oil sector investments through the best agricultural professionals and technology.

Belser has a deep understanding of the olive oil international market, where it has closely followed and analyzed a very large number of projects over the years. This puts the firm in a privileged position in terms of accessing the best opportunities in the market through its three areas of activity.

Our competitive strategy utilises computing technology to apply mathematical and statistical methods to the field of olive oil industry investing. Our olive oil assets are professionally managed by experienced staff and we use new technological tools in data capture and interpretation of them (BigData) for farms operations.

What sets us apart

Our transparent approach to managing money reveals the integrity, skill and accountability of our people. With a steady hand, we never lose sight of our core values and the long-term in olive oil industry investment objective of each project. Our specialized and distinct investment teams bring unique perspectives to navigating in olive oil sector. We combine the art and science of investing and olive oil industry asset management, to harnessing the power of our teams and technology – the key to delivering strong investment results.

Belser applies honesty, diligence and competence to act in the best interests of our clients. We establish trust and strong relationships by being accountable for our investment results, transparent in communicating our investment approach, and straight forward about our views on the olive oil industry.

Specialized teams
We believe people can be inspired and results can be elevated by working together and sharing expertise. That’s why Belser fosters teamwork and collaboration around unique olive oil industry investment approaches, diverse perspectives and creative debate within each distinct investment division and operational area. Each of our investment teams and ours orchards operations teams offer deep expertise within specialized areas of olive oill asset management.

Intelligent investments – our approach to Olive Oil Industry Risk Management

Successfully working in the olive oil sector and olive oil industry for decades has given us a unique perspective that continues to serve our clients well.

We methodically and opportunistically pursue strong olive oil sector investment and olive oil industry returns without ever losing sight of the added value we bring to investors by managing the risks involved. That’s because olive oil industry investing is about the long game. Short-term thinking won’t get you as far as a well laid out, repeatable investment process that is executed with precision, expertise and discipline.

The breadth of Belser’s olive oil industry asset management capabilities is hard to match. We have a long history of providing sophisticated olive oil industry investment management services to help investors meet their goals.

Diversified investment strategies
We manage a range of traditional, specialty and alternative olive oil industry portfolio strategies across the spectrum of domestic and global opportunities, balanced and asset allocation portfolios.

Client Service
We aim to provide our clients with a superior level of service and the knowledge that their wealth is in safe hands for the long-term. The main point of contact for all clients is a Partner, who has direct responsibility for their olive oil industry asset management and its performance.

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