Since its founding in 2014, Belser main objective has been to provide efficient access to agricultural industry investments through the best agricultural professionals and technology.

Belser has a deep understanding of the agricultural international market, where it has closely followed and analyzed a very large number of projects over the years. This puts the firm in a privileged position in terms of accessing the best opportunities in the market through its three areas of activity.

The Group’s aim is to optimize the risk-return profile of investments through:

  • Very selective investment programs.
  • Diversification in the investment allocation.
  • Deep, detailed and structured due diligence processes.

Belser activities are carried out through 3 areas of activity: a agricultural industry investment advisory firm (Belser Private Equity), a agricultural industry advisory and O&M firm and providing technologies services (Belser Advisory Partners), an olive oil industry asset management (Belser Olive Oil).

Founder and CEO

Francisco Beltrán | francisco.beltran [at]

Private Equity Director

Enrique Álvarez | enrique.alvarez [at]

Belser Olive Oil Industry Director

Luis García | luis.garcia [at]

Belser Advisory Partners Director

Alfonso Beltrán | alfonso.beltran [at]

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