OleoTech is a connection, knowledge point and services about apply technology in olive orchards and olive oil sector.

Artificial Intelligence in the Olive orchards

Belser believes strongly that the application of artificial intelligence to olive orchards could be one of the most important potential answers we need to increase olive orchards yields and make more efficient while reducing the total amount of chemicals, fossil fuels and waste produced by the industry.

  • Olive Orchard and Soil Monitoring – Belser are leveraging computer vision and deep-learning algorithms to process data captured by drones and/or software-based technology to monitor olive orchard and soil health.
  • Predictive Analytics – Our machine learning models are being developed to track and predict various environmental impacts on olive orchards yield such as weather changes.

Olive by-products for functional and food applications

Belser work in the major developments on the recovery of bioactive compounds of olive by-products, intending innovative food applications and enhanced technological functions.

  • There has been a great by-products generation with the growth of olive oil production.
  • Olive by-products have high content in bioactive compounds.
  • Olive by-products have high potential to be used in food applications.
  • Food functional properties are improved using olive by-products as ingredients.
  • Food technological properties are improved using olive by-products as ingredients.

Working in the future of Olive Oil Industry.