Olive Oil Production

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Olive Orchards

Aptitude test of land: Before planting, first find out if your property has a restricting climatological or agronomic factor.Aptitude test of land: A detailed study of your property
Before planting, we carry out a thorough study of all the agronomic and climatological factors which might affect cultivation and restrict or entail a risk for this such as: slopes, stoniness, flooding, the physical and chemical composition of the soil, climate, availability of water, verticillium infection, etc. Objective: Evaluate the suitability or not of the property for this type of crop. Reduce the risks and, if necessary, establish possible solutions in advance.

Design of plantations: Plantation design We carry this out once we have evaluated the information included in the aptitude test and taken into account the preferences and circumstances of each grower. With regard to the plantation design, we define the following:

Plantation area.
Variety or varieties to be planted (Multi-variety plantations ).
Personalised plantation layout(s).
Orientation of the plantation.
Design of service roads.
Solutions to possible deficiencies.
Irrigation design.

Budget and economic study
Once the plantation design is concluded, the budget of the plantation is made together with a personalised, detailed economic study, in which the client can visualise an estimation of the total investment, including the maintenance, productivity and profitability costs of his investment.

Integral execution of plantations: Excellent team. Agricultural engineers, technicians, tractor drivers, planters and auxiliary personnel. Plantation technology/capacity
Eleven plantation teams, equipped with latest generation technology (GPS alignment system, simultaneous placing of plant, stake and herbicide), capable of planting more than 100,000 plants /day.

Technical Assistance: We have a technical department made up of highly qualified and experienced agricultural engineers, who provide technical advisory services in any country. Our goal is to achieve that the plantations of our clients reach the maximum levels of production at the lowest cost possible and obtain 100% of their Extra Virgin oil.

Personalised nutritional recommendations.
Plague and disease control.
Weed control.
Personalised programming of irrigation and fertilising irrigation.
Treatment and work.
The ideal time for harvesting.

Management and administration of olive orchards:

Technical Management
This supposes one level more than technical assistance, it entails more responsibility of our engineers in the handling of the property. This is especially suitable for those who seek to maximise their profits at the lowest cost possible and who do not have time to efficiently organise, supervise and coordinate all the agronomic tasks of your property.

Administration of olive orchards
If you want your olive orchard to be integrally and transparently administered by professional experts, Belser places the “Administration of Olive Orchards” Service at your disposal.

This service includes the following:

  • Technical assistance and management service.
  • Accounting service.
  • Complete, detailed cost analysis of your property.
  • Taxation, employee contracting, agricultural services, etc.
  • Harvesting Services.
  • Pruning Services.
  • Analysis.
  • Irrigation design, installation and maintenence.
  • Phytosanitary fertiliser.
  • Olive Mills.

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