Operations and Management

Profitability heavily depends on orchard and crop management practices. Best use of inputs and other resources is critical to maximize profit and project integration in the local environment.

Our permanent crops orchards are professionally managed by experienced staff and use of new technological tools in data capture and interpretation of them (BigData).

Belser permanents crops orchards are kept in the best condition, to maximize property values and ensure that our investment remains a high-value one.

Belser provides technical and management staff, on-the-job training and supports local teams for highest performance of all orchards divisions.

  • Management of orchards sections: crop, irrigation, workshop and maintenance, warehouse, administration.
  • Planning and supervision of operations: crop operations plan, rotation, irrigation, fertilization, IPM, harvest, storage.
  • Training managers and operators.
  • Budget preparation, monitoring P&L margin and reporting to stakeholders.

Belser develop investment permanents crops orchards turnkey projects worldwide, offering the best technology, experience and know-how for do value creation for our clients.

Our objetive: achieving highest sustainable permanents crops orchards.