Varieties of Olive Oils

The most popular varieties of olives trees. Each one has its own unique flavors and aromas. Discover their characteristic flavors and aromas, and learn now to recognize them and their Extra Virgin Olive Oils. Enjoy!.

Its oil is prized for its high stability (resistance to oxidation) which gives it great resistance to high temperatures, and it is ideal for preserving raw or cooked foods. With regard to sensory characteristics, these oils have great personalities, full bodies, fruity green olive scores, and a light peppery and bitter olive leaf taste can be appreciated in them.

Olive TreeFruitOlive OilPairings of Olive Oil
Vigorous top branches. Good leaf development. High productivity. It can adapt to different types of weather and soil.Medium to large, approximately 3.2 grams.Fruity green, fig, olive leaf, tomato and bitter.Roasted meat, salads, pasta, fried and traditional dishes.

It produces a very fluid and sweet oil, in which it is almost impossible to perceive bitter or peppery flavors. Its olive oil has a fruity aroma of olives, apple, banana and almond.

Olive TreeFruitOlive OilPairings of Olive Oil
Limited growth of top branches, making it perfect for intensive plantations. Long and not twiggy shoots. Dark green color.Small, oval-shaped and nearly symmetrical, small to large, about 1.9 grams.
Fruity, apple, banana, fluid and sweet.
Mayonnaise, lightly marinated food and confectionary pastries.

This variety has the particularity of being used to obtain both oil and as table olives. It is characterized by its taste and aroma of freshly cut grass, artichoke and aromatic plants. Its entrance on the palate is sweet, with a slight bitterness and a peppery finish in the mouth.

Olive TreeFruitOlive OilPairings of Olive Oil
Medium growth of top branches, with medium leaf density and a regular leaf surface.
Large size, an average of 4.3 grams. Nearly a perfect sphere.

Fresh-cut grass, almond and slightly pungent.

Preserved vegetables, vinaigrettes, pasta, sautéed dishes.

Its name refers to the curved shape of the fruit, which is reminiscent of a goat horn. Its extra-virgin olive oils are highly aromatic, with notes of fruity olive and other fruits including apple. Herbal olive leaf notes can be appreciated on the palate, with a slightly bitter taste.

Olive TreeFruitOlive OilPairings of Olive Oil
Medium growth of top branches, of medium length, and limited formation of shoots.Long and slightly curved fruit, asymmetrical, bulged and flat on one side, and with the shape of a horn on the other side. Medium size and weight.
Green fruit, apple and slightly pungent.

Fried food, crusts, salads, doughnuts.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Maximum acidity 0.8°

Virgin Olive Oil: Maximum acidity 2°

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