For more than 30 years, we have worked in the olive oil industry in Andalusia-Spain.

We are proud to be a family-owned business.

Every day, striving to bring out the best of our essence and transform it through research and creativity gives us the strength to make us grow.

We are constantly instilled with confidence when we revisit our history, the true know-how of those who live and breathe this place, the engine that spurs us to continue innovating and offering the market a fresh way to look at the past, by building on it.

We are your trusted partner to develop complete olive oil projects, we guide you and walk you during the whole process: advice in choose the best land and the design of the most feasible plantation system, the accomplishment in installing the crops, the technical management of the orchards to guarantee the higher production with the lower cost. Design, installation and management all production process.

Striving for excellence. Excellence is a habit and working daily with this maxim makes our team increasingly stronger. This is our motivation for choosing the perfect moment, seeking out tiny improvements for each step of the process.

Our Competitive Advantage

  • Devoted, only one contact person, a complete offer.
  • Olive oil Turnkey Project.
  • International, we have the capacity to develop agricultural projects and give service worldwide. We are at your disposal no matter where you are contacting us.
  • Success, we are involved in achieving the objectives required by the client, we accompany him with our technical experts at every stage of the whole process, looking for getting the best production in terms of quantity and quality with the lower production cost to guarantee the pro tability of the project from the beginning to the end.

Our Compromise

The singularity of our management model, based on innovation and flexibility, and the achievements made, have made of Belser a solid International Corporation, making our work a tool with added value for the day to day of your olive oil projects. Generate the necessary trust so that we can become your partner, work jointly with you, manage knowledge and a long-term experience that are be able to offers us joint satisfactions. Loyalty and dedication, and above all, offer you inner tranquility.

We are Tradition, working for the Future.
We work hard for your trust.