Francisco Beltrán Baena, Rus (Jaén)- Spain (1.976), Bachelor of Economics and Business Administration.

Raised on olive and vegetables orchards in Jaén (Spain), Francisco -Paco- has a long association with the agriculture life and deep knowledge of agribusiness.

Francisco is the Founder, Chairman and Co-Chief Investment Officer of Belser Agriculture Investment Fund (BAIF). He is responsible for BAIF’s investment strategies.

Francisco oversees the systemization of BAIF’s research into trading strategies, manages the development of proprietary investment management models, directs the design and implementation of client investment strategies, and publishes timely market understanding to clients.

The importance of agriculture is pretty simple. People have to eat and people like to eat. Promoting agriculture is actually pretty easy.

SAM TURNER, “Sam Turner shares his passion for agriculture and gets back to his rural American roots”, The Maneater, February 29, 2016

Contact with Francisco Beltrán: francisco.beltran[at] | Linkedin

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