Founded by CEO Francisco Beltrán in 2.014, Belser’s business utilises computing technology to apply mathematical and statistical methods to the field of agricultural investing. Our agricultural assets are professionally managed by experienced staff and use of new technological tools in data capture and interpretation of them (BigData).

Belser was created as a small agricultural asset management dedicated to actively manage family-owned portfolios, with a clear goal: to obtain the best long-term returns. Today, we are independent agricultural asset manager in Spain, with global presence.

Francisco´s philosophy is to implement the new agricultural technology in diferent types of crops for obtain diferent data and design the best managements strategys to obtain the best long-term returns.

Belser’s considerable investment in scientific research, data and technology has produced innovations ranging from new agricultural investment strategies and risk management tools, to the creation of a systematic data collection capability and enhanced research methodology. The result: a range of intelligent, long-term agricultural investment strategies that evolve as agricultural demands grown.

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