Francisco Beltrán Baena, Rus (Jaén)- Spain (1.976), Bachelor of Economics and Business Administration. Experienced Business Partner with a demonstrated history of working in the global agricultural investments and olive oil industry. Strong consulting professional skilled in negotiation, business planning, operations
management, analytical skills, and government.

Agriculture Strategic Senior Advisor

My advisory work takes many forms depending on the needs and interests of your
agricultural project, with flexible options for engagement. I supports bothshortand
long-term advisory mandates, offering you tailored solutions to your precise

  • In-depth research across major food and agricultural markets.
  • Asset and opportunity sourcing and selection (specialty in the industrial sector of olive oil).
  • Support in design and planning of local, regional and global investment
    strategies & portfolios.
  • Support in the investment decision.- Rigorous, fact-based analysis (Actionable advice).
  • Advice on farm business strategy, including “nonexecutive” direction of farming partnerships and companies.
  • Business restructuring and business reviews.
  • Supply chain consultancy.
  • Personalised programming of Olive Orchards.
  • Management Olive Harvest.
  • Financial Cost.
  • International Retail.

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