We are producer olive oil from Spain, from Andalusia, from Jaén.

Belser also supply olive oil to operators in a wide range of geographies, helping them create their own brands. It is an invitation for those who wish to market and launch their own exclusive brand and distinguish it by diversifying products with a wide price range that offers many advantages such as:

  • High profitability since our products are available in different price ranges, allowing you to have more competitive retail prices with the level of profitability that you want to keep.
  • Total control of the value chain (from the harvest to packaging).
  • Products of quality and verified traceability.
  • Certified products, certified origin.
  • Marketing assistance and development of your products.
  • Customized products according to your quality requirements and needs with your logos and references.
  • Strengthen loyalty of your products.

Belser offers customers several supply options while maintaining the best quality-price ratio. Finished products in different formats and packages:

  • Organic extra virgin olive oil (Certified).
  • Conventional extra virgin olive oil.
  • Conventional virgin olive oil.
  • Lampante olive oil.
  • Refined olive oil.
  • Crude olive pomace oil.
  • Refined olive pomace oil.

To achieve sustainable commercial success, it needs to taste and olive oil key attributes conform to the tastes and needs of customers and maintained over time.