BelCapital is a private equity firm.

Formed by Beltrán Baena Family to acquire, operate and grow healthy businesses in the olive oil industry. With substantial investment and operational experience, we provide both capital and management to ensure the continued success of the businesses in which we invest.

BelCapital provides not only capital but also management and operations experience to support long-term value creation. We take an active role in managing the day-to-day operations of the companies in which we invest in. Following an investment, we assume full-time management positions alongside the current management team, allowing the owner/operator to gain additional management talent or to transition out of a daily operating role if desired.

Investment Criteria:

We invest in established companies and proyects with identifiable growth opportunities that can benefit from our experience and capital.

BelCapital is actively seeking to invest in olive oil industry businesses with sustainable competitive positions and identifiable growth opportunities. We look for investments which meet the following criteria:

  • Revenues: 5 to 60 million Euros. No minimums for add-on acquisitions.
  • Industries: Olive Oil.
  • Market segments: Olive Groves, Olive Mills, Olive Oil Bottling Plant, Olive Oil Distribution, etc…
  • Management: We will work with in-place management teams or can bring in our own team.
  • Location: Anywhere.
  • Acquisition structure: Our acquisition structures are highly flexible but we require a controlling interest.

We combine capital and management expertise to enable great companies to continue to expand and thrive.

Our mission is to provide liquidity, growth capital and management talent to established companies to build long term value and ensure continuity to customers, employees and the community.