Olive Mills

What we do?

  • Engineering for complete design of olive oil mills and olive pomace refineries.
  • Offer of equipments for cleaning and whasing harvested olives.
  • Offer of hoppers, conveyor belts, endless screw to transport olives.
  • Offer of complete olive oil extraction lines (from crusher to vertical centrifuge).
  • Offer of automatisation solutions to control and improve all the olive mill components.
  • Offer of pumps to transfer olive oil, olive pulp and olive pomace.
  • Offer of stainless steel tanks to store olive oil.
  • Offer of solutions to remote control the level of the olive oil in the storage tanks.
  • Offer of complete olive oil lling, capping and labelling lines, from automatized to semi-manual.
  • Offer of filters for olive oil, soil filters and plate filters.
  • Offer of biomass boilers for olive mills.
  • Offer of laboratory equipments (NIR analyzer, Abencor analyzer, oxystester analyzer, etc.).
  • Offer of talc dispenser and micro-talc for use in the malaxer.
  • Offer of pulp-stone separator machines.
  • Offer of olive oil weigher machine.
  • Offer of olive pomace drier installations and pomace olive extractor by hexane.

Belser International Olive Oil Industry Services

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