Olive Orchards

Are you thinking in planting an intensive or superintensive olive orchard in your rural property? Discover the key points that you have to know and analyze in order to make the best investment decision in your new olive orchard.
Connnect with us and access to free information where we can help you to analyze all costs, the production of every type of olive orchard and much more.

Discover the keys to improve the production of your olive orchard. Would you like to improve your olive orchard and earn more money?
Connect with us and access to free information on the keys that will allow you to improve your productions, as well as to avoid problems of pests and diseases.

What we do?

  • Land analysis and design the right olive plantation.
  • Design and installation of complete irrigation system.
  • Installation of sensors, equipments and programs for an eficient irrigation process and with remote control.
  • Offer of olive tree plants produced by propagation in peat substrate and paperpot format.
  • Offer of synthetic stakes for olive tree plantations.
  • Offer of olive tree protectors and all the elements for trellis plantations.
  • Carrying out olive plantation process thanks to olive plantation machines guided by GPS.
  • Technical management of the olive grove: nutrition plan, pests and diseases control, pruning, harvesting, etc.
  • Offer of special fertilizers for olive trees.
  • Offer of olive tree sprayers for leaves treatments.
  • Offer of over the row olive tree harvesters in SHD plantations.
  • Offer of olive tree shakers for harvesting olives, with or without umbrella, self-propelled or coupled to tractor.
  • Offer olive tree branche shaker for harvesting olives run with diesel.
  • Offer of electric olives harvester coupled to battery’s.
  • Offer of special nets for harvesting olives.
  • Offer of machines to easily pick up nets with olives and storage in tow.
  • Offer of olive cleaner machines placed in the olive grove.
  • Offer of olive tows to transport harvested olives.
  • Offer of mulching machines for pruned branches.
  • Offer of turn-key olive trees nurseries.

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