Olive Orchards

What we do?

  • Land analysis and design the right olive plantation.
  • Design and installation of complete irrigation system.
  • Installation of sensors, equipments and programs for an eficient irrigation process and with remote control.
  • Offer of olive tree plants produced by propagation in peat substrate and paperpot format.
  • Offer of synthetic stakes for olive tree plantations.
  • Offer of olive tree protectors and all the elements for trellis plantations.
  • Carrying out olive plantation process thanks to olive plantation machines guided by GPS.
  • Technical management of the olive grove: nutrition plan, pests and diseases control, pruning, harvesting, etc.
  • Offer of special fertilizers for olive trees.
  • Offer of olive tree sprayers for leaves treatments.
  • Offer of over the row olive tree harvesters in SHD plantations.
  • Offer of olive tree shakers for harvesting olives, with or without umbrella, self-propelled or coupled to tractor.
  • Offer olive tree branche shaker for harvesting olives run with diesel.
  • Offer of electric olives harvester coupled to battery’s.
  • Offer of special nets for harvesting olives.
  • Offer of machines to easily pick up nets with olives and storage in tow.
  • Offer of olive cleaner machines placed in the olive grove.
  • Offer of olive tows to transport harvested olives.
  • Offer of mulching machines for pruned branches.
  • Offer of turn-key olive trees nurseries.

Belser International Olive Oil Industry Services

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