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Agriculture Companies
Our objective is to identify and invest into companies that have a demonstrable advantage in their chosen sector of the agricultural chain, have a survivability bias in volatile markets by being cost competitive and are working toward the highest environmental, social and governance standards.

Belser will target companies along the entire agricultural supply chain with business activity focused on primary inputs, production, processing, value adding, logistics and distribution.

Permanent Crops Orchards
Belser is an specialized firm that offers sophisticated institutional investors a disciplined, private equity-like approach to olive orchards and almond orchards investing.

Artificial Intelligence for Agriculture Industry Belser believes strongly that the application of artificial intelligence to agriculture industry could be one of the most important potential answers we need to increase permanents crops yields and make more efficient while reducing the total amount of chemicals, fossil fuels and waste produced by the industry.

Olive by-products for functional and food applications Belser invest in the major developments on the recovery of bioactive compounds of olive by-products, intending innovative food applications and enhanced technological functions.

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