Investment Strategy

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Agricultural Companies
Our objective is to identify and invest into companies that have a demonstrable advantage in their chosen sector of the food chain, have a survivability bias in volatile markets by being cost competitive and are working toward the highest environmental, social and governance standards.

Belser will target companies along the entire supply chain with business activity focused on primary inputs, production, processing, value adding, logistics and distribution.

Land transformation and increased production
We identify and acquire underdeveloped lands or that have been produced inefficiently, and then we apply first-class technology, good agricultural practices and the vision of a trained and professional team that can take that land to its maximum level of productivity. In this way, we significantly increase its value.

Identifying, acquiring and operating agricultural properties having attractive prospects for increased agricultural production and/or medium or long-term value appreciation.

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Solutions for agricultural investments.
We foster growth and create value for our investors, companies and society as a whole.