Agricultural Asset Management

At Belser we offer our clients the best possible long-term returns through our agricultural capabilities.

Develop and implement agriculture asset management and  investments strategies from:
– Fundamental analysis.
– Appropriate risk management.
– Long-term vision.

  • Develop and implement agricultural custom investment strategies: arable land, crops types, companies and coop.
  • Underwrite and acquire global agricultural assets.
  • Operate and manage agricultural assets and portfolios.
  • Develop and implement efficient and effective reporting processes.
  • Design and implement investment policies.
  • Develop and implement asset allocation strategies.
  • Create and implement tools for market and asset targeting.
  • Create and implement portfolio optimization tools and processes.

Belser provides access to institutional investors, pension funds, investment funds, financial entities, private equity and family offices to a comprehensive platform of global agricultural assets, including: arable lands, crops, olive orchards, companies, coop, infrastructures, logistics,…), using custom strategies or bespoke managed accounts.

Our clients come first and everything we do revolves around creating value for them. Trusted partners, transparency, long term relationships.